About Brendagh

I specialise in people rather than their symptoms.

My training in Acupuncture began in 1983 at CTA in Leamington Spa during the time of Professor ‘J R’ Worsley. His inimitable genius and mastery of Five Element Acupuncture has inspired me to see each patient as a unique individual and to design a treatment strategy accordingly. Symptoms are merely the messengers of disease; a practitioner must be able to know where they have come from and read what they have to say.

I later studied TCM at CICM in Reading, where John and Angela Hicks taught me to differentiate disease in terms of Syndromes and Substances which offered the possibility of a more robust approach to chronic and resilient patterns of illness, and to be more effective in treating acute conditions.

My approach to your treatment is highly adaptable, depending on your constitution and your needs. If, for example, your back pain is a long standing condition which has left you fragile and exhausted, I will treat you like precious porcelain. However, if you are a hard bodied sports person who needs to be back in training by tomorrow, be warned, the gloves are off!

Since graduating in Psychology in 1979, I’ve had a fascination for discovering the factors which keep us well. Whilst employed in Youth and Community work, I trained to teach yoga and volunteered at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Throughout my years of Acupuncture practice, I’ve widened my skills base to include qi gong, tai chi, spiritual healing, co-counselling, patent herbs and feng shui, whilst developing my interests in biodynamic gardening, permaculture, Biodanza and the transition movement.

Alongside Acupuncture I offer consultations in Feng Shui (‘Acupuncture for Houses’) and Metatronic Healing.

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