“Biodanza is the poetry of human encounter”

About Biodanza

Translating literally as ‘the Dance of Life’, this style was founded 40 years ago in Chile by psychologist and social anthropologist Rolando Toro Araneda as a way of celebrating and enhancing our human potential. It has developed from a sound scientifically verifiable basis in terms of biology, physiology and psychology.

It uses music, movement and the group situation to enrich our participation in and enjoyment of life and can be practiced by all ages and abilities. There are no steps to learn and perform, the music is infectious and we dance our own authentic dance and communicate with one another through the non-verbal language of movement.  It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities whether you’re super fit or a little creaky, as each session is taken at your own pace.

As well as providing all the usual benefits of a dance class: movement, better co-ordination and fun, Biodanza is a proven method of personal development aimed at raising your capacity to communicate, to improve  the quality of your relationships and your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

It works by opening up your sense of joy, self-esteem and personal identity. It’s simple, direct and immediate. Through regular participation, this sense of joy and self-confidence carries over into your daily life. Over time, you will find that life becomes more enjoyable as you start to reach for the things that genuinely nourish you in life and begin to change those things that make a negative impact.

About me

I began training to teach Biodanza in 2007 at the Bristol School and since qualifying I am a Teaching Member of Biodanza Association UK. I have worked with teachers of international renown and have completed extended training in:

Biodanza and Neoshamanism

Biodanza with Children

Biodanza and Gerontology

The Weekly Group

The benefits of Biodanza are cumulative in nature and regular attendance of a weekly group is the essential route to maximising its positive effect. Please contact me to register your interest.