Metatronic Healing

Who and what is Metatron?

In 2007 Pippa Merrivale, the founder of this system became a channel for a new, unique and direct method of healing for our time: Metatronic Healing®.  Metatron is that aspect of the divine that creates form through sacred geometry.  In biblical language Metatron is described as the angel of Divine Presence – a peace that passes all understanding – and the archangel who bridges Heaven and Earth. As a result of his work as a human, he is sometimes regarded as the “older spiritual brother” who knows where we are and what we need. Metatron holds the blueprint for our spiritual journey, and reaches his hand across the veil to guide us back home to health and fullness of being.

What is Metatronic Healing?

The power of Metatronic Healing is given by an attunement, a physical touch re-calibrating a specific part of your body or energy, and a Transmission, the gift of an energetic healing template and tool which can be re-accessed at any time. These two gifts gently resonate with that part of us which is divine, amplifying and encouraging us away from our old “stories” and more into the light of our truth. This alone is quite a profound and yet simple, gentle experience. Metatron’s promise was that this method of energy healing would “lift the unconscious story from the body’s cellular memory and activate the heart centre”.  Spiritual growth happens in two ways: one, the knowing of our True Nature and the other, healing that which obscures it.  One of our main obscurations is the stories that we believe about who we are and how it is.  To be healed of these creates a huge release of life force and a real invitation to live life not just survive it.

Group Healing Meditation Sessions:

As an Apprentice Metatronic Teacher, I can now offer these sessions. They provide an experience of the quiet yet powerful energies and atmospheres that come with a Metatronic frequency.

Some of these sessions are to introduce Metatronic Healing and its pathway, and others have a theme of healing, say for the heart, as an example.

They often start with a simple meditation to help you arrive, a short talk and then the healing session which lasts about 40 minutes. They finish with an opportunity to ask questions or share your experience, and then close with a Metatronic blessing. Please contact me for information on the current programme.

Individual Metatronic Healing Sessions:

As Metatronic Healing Practitioner I have access to a range of healing energies and modalities.  These include core aspects of Metatron’s angelic energies, the vibration of crystals and precious gems like diamonds and rubies, and metals like gold and silver.  These can be used in any combination to meet a wide range of needs.  In addition, there are several sequences designed to bring about deep clearing, or empowerment, or a re-mapping of our life path.  Of course, all of this is over-lighted by the angelic healing of Metatron.

The session can be given with you physically present or at a distance.  Either way the power of the healing is the same. The first session is 60 minutes to allow time to get to know you and your individual needs. Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.

Contact me directly or see for more details of where the nearest Metatronic Healers are to you.

Can Metatronic Healing help me?

The simple answer is “Yes it can!” Energy or Life Force is the foundation of being well and is a natural part of our makeup. This has been known throughout the centuries and is once again gradually becoming acceptable in the West. You might think about it like this:  when the flow of our life force is compromised or blocked, then this has a negative effect on our health. By directing a flow of healing energy towards these places of constriction, the restriction is unwound and released, restoring the natural balance to the system.

I look forward to working with you.

Brendagh O’Sullivan